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The humidification chamber is an integral part of the breathing system and allows the system to interface with the heated humidifier base. The range consists of three chamber options which are suitable for use with commonly found humidifier bases. All dual float auto fill chambers include back up machanisims to avoid overfilling with fluid.

Using a chamber with a humidifier
The chamber simply slides into position on the hot plate of the base controller allowing the inspiratory gas to pass over the heated water. These are available with breathing systems for convenience or individually if required.

The dual float auto fill humidification chamber offers a fixed level of water within the chamber, ensuring a constant system volume. This, coupled with the strong polycarbonate body and non compressible float, ensures that adverse changes in system compliance are reduced to a minimum. The chamber provides optimum humidification output without compromising resistance to flow. The new dual-float, dual-valve design provides further assurance of reliability.

The low volume humidification chamber, product code 2330000, is supplied with a fill set and clamp for manually controlling the water level in the chamber.

The low volume humidification chamber, product code 2340000, has to be filled via one of the two ports on the top of the chamber.
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